Music. Beck. Where It’s At + Remixes (12″ Single).

“Two turntables and a microphone…”

Anyone who turned on a radio in the latter half of the ’90s is probably familiar with the refrain, Beck’s return to the spotlight after “Loser” had him earmarked as a likely grunge-era novelty one-hit-wonder. In hindsight, it’s a brilliant move, a self-assured tune with a back-to-basics theme from a guy who never really got away from the basics. “Where It’s At” adopts a flow that’s remarkably similar to that of “Loser,” except now, it’s in service of a party rather than a means of self-deprecation. If the popularity of “Loser” didn’t exactly have listeners running to see what Mellow Gold was about (and it didn’t), “Where It’s At” was the sound of someone you might want to spend some time with. Continue reading